How to Update Your Property Without Breaking a Sweat

How to Update Your Property Without Breaking a Sweat

Just call our interior painting service based in Birmingham, AL

All it takes to update your home or office space is a fresh coat of paint. While a DIY painting project sounds simple enough, only an interior painting service can complete the job quickly and leave your property looking incredible. If you live or do business in the Birmingham, AL area, J&J Renovations, LLC is your interior painting service.

We'll breathe new life into your home or office space by...

Finishing or staining your deck
Repainting your walls, ceilings or trim
Painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets
Removing outdated wallpaper or ceiling textures

We'll apply an even coat of paint or stain to every surface using rollers or specialty spray equipment. Find out more by contacting our professional painters today.

Our featured service: Popcorn ceiling removal

In decades past, popcorn ceilings were common in homes and office spaces around the Birmingham, AL area. They've since fallen out of popularity because...

Popcorn ceilings look dated.
Popcorn ceilings trap dust and grime.
Popcorn ceilings can shed onto your carpets or upholstery.

Professional popcorn ceiling removal is the best way to get rid of your ceiling textures. J&J Renovations offers this service to area home and business owners.

Call 205-381-6430 today to make an appointment for popcorn ceiling removal.