Is It Time to Give Your Birmingham, AL Property a Face-Lift?

Is It Time to Give Your Birmingham, AL Property a Face-Lift?

Hire our exterior painting service to repaint your home or office building

It's been a few years since you've given your exterior a little TLC. The paint is flaking away and mildew has turned your deck green. It's never too late to call a deck staining or an exterior painting service in Birmingham, AL. J&J Renovations, LLC is available seven days a week to touch up your exterior.

Think you can afford to wait a few years before repainting your building or staining your deck? You might not want to if...

Your neighbors or competitors have recently repainted their properties.
Your siding, trim or front door color isn't vibrant.
You're thinking about selling your property.
Your deck looks worse for wear.

Leave the details to our exterior painting service. Contact J&J Renovations today.

We do it all

As a full-service exterior painting company, J&J Renovations is a top choice for property owners in Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas. Our services include...

Deck staining
Pressure washing
Siding, window and door painting

We even paint freestanding structures, such as storage buildings. Just tell us how we can improve your curb appeal.

Contact us today.